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Transform your Hotel into a Contemporary Home Away from Home

When budget and time constraints limit your options, how can you effectively improve the look and feel of a space’s interior? The answer is simple, 3M Di-Noc™

Designing the perfect room in a hotel can be a balancing act between creating a warm and welcoming ambience that feels like home and also imbue an element of surprise that makes your guests feel special.

Hotels and boutique accommodation aim at making a striking first impression and often this is the hotel entrance or lobby. What better space to refresh to make a lasting impression on returning or new guests and visitors. The versatile approach of 3M Di-Noc™ finishes can transform these spaces completely or compliment existing interiors.

You may not have heard of it but you’ve almost certainly seen it, 3M Di-Noc™ is used to restore and transform out-dated and worn interior and exterior finishes for a fraction of the cost.

Large selection of quality finishes

The unique finish brings a number of exciting new effects to the designer’s palette – including wood grains that look freshly cut from the forest; natural stone patterns with a realistic dimensional approach; and metallics, solid colours, rich fabric and leather looks that are not only boldly vibrant but also resist fingerprint smudges.

Di-Noc™ finishes, made with a specialised adhesive component, adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces, so they can be used to help solve a wide range of design challenges – from renewing furniture to creating interesting architectural focal points in a wide range of applications. You can recover ceilings, walls, facades, doors, columns, bars, cupboards, lifts, partitions and much more.

Ease of application and minimal disruption

Perhaps it is time to give your interior a refresh before welcoming your visitors back? Good design and efficiency are central parameters in the hospitality industry. 3M Di-Noc™ Architectural Finishes offer solutions for hotels, bars and restaurant environments such as fire regulation compliance, ease of cleaning and peace of mind.

Di-Noc™’s key advantage is its simplicity and speed of implementation compared to traditional refurbishment techniques. Renovations can be carried out without the use of heavy equipment noise, minimizing any unnecessary disruption to day-to-day activities.

Cost effectiveness 

3M Di-Noc™ is a laminate film wrapped around existing surfaces, transforming the surface into entirely new material. It allows customers to utilize existing furniture and structures, creating a new modern look for half the price tag, we like to think of it as a wallpaper for any surface.

When design budgets are tight, architectural finishes have proven to be a cost-effective method to achieve the same look and feel of natural materials at a fraction of the cost, even using existing surfaces. Offering a cost-effective solution, with superior results, the reuse of current fixtures by renovating with 3M Di-Noc™ is generally 1/6th to 1/8th of the cost compared to investing in new interiors

Environmentally friendly

By reusing existing fixtures, it will not only reduce costs but will also contribute to the sustainable use of resources. Upcycling interiors stop unnecessary waste from going to the landfill – a benefit for both the customer and the planet. 3M Di-Noc™ is a surface finish product suited to either a refresh of an existing structure at the 2-3 year mark or refurbishment of that structure at 3-5 years, versus a new fit-out at the 5-year mark, reducing material replacement costs and waste drastically.

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Besides their aesthetic value, 3M Di-Noc™ surface finishes are durable, with strong adhesion, allowing your interior to be furnished to the highest possible standard. Existing furnishings can be kept and renewed rather than replaced, without compromising on quality and style.

For more information about using 3M Di-Noc™, 3M offers a range of helpful information and resources on their Website.