Couplands Bakeries - IU Signage

Couplands Bakeries


Couplands is one of the largest independently owned bakery chains in New Zealand.

With bakeries throughout the South Island, Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga, Couplands are a proudly New Zealand owned business. Their products have been a staple in kiwi homes across the country for generations.

Consistency and an integrated brand experience was an important factor, but as their stores are in a widely varied range of buildings with different architectural styles and requirements, Couplands were presented with quite the challenge. How do you keep a brand consistent and recognisable in such different buildings?

We came up with a concept for a lightbox sign that would be both cost effective, and suitable at different sizes for each location – our challenge was that it couldn’t protrude too much from the face of the building, and they also needed to be exactly the right shade of red so as to be consistent with the rest of the branding.


We worked with our suppliers to source red LED modules to ensure consistent light with no spotting or shadowing, and through vigilant quality control have ensured all colours are the exact right shade across different media.