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Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding, and wayfinding signage, is about enhancing the customer experience, enabling people to move seamlessly to their destination.

Wayfinding is also about clarity – providing clear messages for people to be able to follow and make choices – and about reinforcing your brand in a more subtle way.

Underpinning good wayfinding signage design is the understanding of how people read signs and move through spaces. Our team are experts at developing wayfinding strategies that enhance the professional appearance of an organisation and the navigability of a place. We help free up your staff from answering ‘how do I get to’ questions, and make the unfamiliar, familiar.

We have helped hospitals, attractions, hotels and businesses to put their customers at ease with wayfinding signage that takes into account four key things: identification (tells people where they are), directional (how to get someplace), informational (extra information about their destination) and regulatory (rules and regulations).

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