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About IU Signage

We are a full service signage company, handling every aspect from design through to manufacturing and installation.

We offer a total range of signage options including both interior and exterior signage, implementation of wayfinding strategies and window manifestation schemes

Founded in 1997, we are experts in handling large scale and complicated wayfinding projects as well as having extensive knowledge of materials. We are specialists in designing signage solutions to give your project a sense of identity, while remaining harmonious with the unique character of the building.

Core Values:

Our core values are what makes us who we are.  Our incredible team lives and breathes these values, and they are a part of everything we do.

Work together

Our close-knit team work together so well because they are always working towards a common goal, while looking out for each other and caring for each other in the way that only a family can. It is the unique combination of skills and personalities that makes our team truly special and we work hard to ensure we never let each other, or the customer, down.

Do the right thing

We operate on trust and loyalty. It’s vital to us that we do the right thing by each other, by the customer, and by our own standards. We always follow through on what we say we will do and never cut corners or compromise on quality.

Take pride in your work

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we aren’t satisfied until our customer is happy. We’re proud that everything we do, from our customer service to the finished product, is the highest possible quality. We are always chasing the joy of standing back to admire a finished job and knowing that we created something world class.

Own your role

Our staff are a creative bunch who take initiative to think outside the box and come up with solutions. They are problem solvers, hard-workers, job-doers who aren’t afraid to take the lead on something that may fall outside of their job description.

IU Signage’s mission is to create world class signage for architects and construction.

At IU Signage, we are proud to deliver world class service. We always provide the best signage solution for every client and we don’t rest until the client is happy.